Divine Matchmaker

In the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, there is a character who plays the role of matchmaker. The young men and women in a small Russian town look to her to find marriage partners. Likewise, we can view the Spirit as the Divine Matchmaker who unites us with God the Father and with Jesus and […]

Divine Eros

How do you address the Holy Spirit in your prayer life? I call upon the Spirit as my Higher Power, my inner guide, my mentor. But upon examination, I find terms of love are missing. My perception of the Spirit? The One who gets things done. When I need guidance as to what God wants […]

Variety of Love Relationships

Married life is an excellent model for our relationship with God. For both relationships are centered in love. Both relationships take on many forms. In the marital relationship, couples are friends, lovers, mentors, helpers, economic partners, spiritual partners. And there is mystery pervading the relationship, the mystery of relating to one who is other than […]

Seize the Sacred

Church-going can be dangerous for our spiritual lives. If it leads us to believe that sacredness exists only in church buildings, and dedicated clergy performing sacred rituals. For the Jews in Jesus’ time, God’s dwelling place was in theTempleinJerusalem. Not so for us. The temple, the sacred, exists in all life, in all persons, in […]

Growing Our Faith

Because the gift of faith provides us with our Christian Vision, it is the engine that drives our living the spiritual growth process and our growth in relationship to Christ. One would think that high priority would be given to growing in faith, especially when the business of religion is all about mystery─the mystery of […]

Holiness-Becoming Fully Human

You really have to think outside the box when you reflect on holiness. Institutional religion has put holiness in a box marked: “For the exceptional spiritual athlete.” The truth is that we must all seek holiness, or better “wholeness,” to live fully human lives. The concept of holiness may embarrass us, leave us lukewarm or […]

Discovering the Spirit in Our Lives

It is often said that the Holy Spirit is the forgotten Person of the Blessed Trinity. However, it is only when we discover the Spirit, Divine Love in action, that we begin to live a spiritual life. A few years ago, I heard a theologian, Fr. Robert Imbelli, talk on the Spirit. He emphasized that […]