Refrain:Dance, Jesus, dance, dance us into sacrifice.
Lead us to be the Beloved Community!
Verse 1: Jesus, you are the Christ, the leader of the dance
And we follow you now in the dance of the Mass
With bread for life and wine for joy! (Refrain)
Verse 2:Jesus, prepare our hearts for self giving.
At your altar we offer our food and drink,
This bread and wine, symbols of our lives. (Refrain)
Verse 3: Jesus, please make us one with you in sacrifice.
With your presence and love consecrate
Our gifts of bread and wine, our very selves. (Refrain)  
Verse 4:Jesus, anoint us now for love and unity.
Make us sisters and brothers as Eucharist,
Receiving each other as bread and wine. (Refrain)

Lyrics by Frank Squitteri, Music by Evelyn Avoglia © 12/3/2010