Awareness, Awareness

Living the spiritual life is anything but being a robot or a sleep walker. For a spiritually centered life, we need self-awareness. It anchors our life in reality. Not for creating scruples, but for living a creative, deep spiritual life. Self-awareness is a heightened consciousness of the presence, depth and source of the movements (thoughts, […]

Everyday Transformation

The significance of Christ’s ongoing Incarnation within us does not stop at peak encounters. It is rooted in Christ’s presence in every part of our lives. The divine presence is in the human. The ordinary has been made extraordinary. Only we don’t realize it! The Greek novelist, Nikos Kazantakis, puts it this way: “Wherever you […]

Practice Pentecost

It was by the power of the Holy Spirit that Christ was raised up from the dead at his resurrection and brought back to life.  It was by the anointing of the Holy Spirit that Jesus received the power at the riverJordanto enter public life and work miracles, even casting out devils. Jesus promised his […]

Living the Spiritual Life

One of the most effective techniques to awaken our awareness that God’s Spirit is deeply involved in our daily lives is by practicing the Jesuits’ spiritual exercise of the Awareness Examen. It is based on the faith approach, but with its emphasis on feelings it highlights the body-person approach. St. Ignatius of Loyola considered the […]