Sacred Dance

Lovers know it. Would-be mystics discover it. The Song of Songs celebrates it. It is the Sacred Dance. What is it? Putting ourselves gradually at the disposal of the beloved. Gifting ourselves, yielding ourselves, surrendering ourselves to the beloved’s invitation to union. We must dance this Sacred Dance, for it is our surrender that leads […]

Divine Matchmaker

In the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, there is a character who plays the role of matchmaker. The young men and women in a small Russian town look to her to find marriage partners. Likewise, we can view the Spirit as the Divine Matchmaker who unites us with God the Father and with Jesus and […]

Spirit at Work

Sometimes a word can capture our imagination and we can use it to bring deeper understanding to many situations. Such a word is “dialectic.” It is derived from the Greek word for conversation. In ancient Greece, Socrates made this word famous by his practice of exposing false beliefs and arriving at truths through dialogue with […]

Trust and Act

Our article, From Fear to Trust, described various ways of growing in the virtue of trust in God. The emphasis was on living the spiritual life passionately. However, we should not overlook the fact that we become ourselves through our actions. That is where our call to evangelization comes in—our call to bring the Christian […]

Toward Spirited Self-Image.

How should our belief that God dwells within us, revealing us to ourselves, calling us to growth and giving of Himself, impact our attitude toward ourselves? We should see ourselves as caught in the weaknesses of our human condition BUT empowered by the Spirit. We should see ourselves as being wounded BUT being healed by […]