Love Encounter

Jesus’ Love Meal—our Eucharistic Celebrations—is a Love Encounter. A Love Encounter with the Father, who is the Source of All Love. A Love Encounter with Jesus, who is Love in Action. A Love Encounter with the Spirit of Love, who anoints us to live a life of love. In short, Jesus’ Love Meal is a […]

The Essential Intention

When a suitor meets his girl’s parents and they ask him: “What are your intentions?” he had better have the right answer. Intention is the all important force in our lives that leads us to right or wrong actions. Likewise, intention is vital for a deeper, more meaningful spiritual life. Our intention thrusts us into […]

Awareness, Awareness

Living the spiritual life is anything but being a robot or a sleep walker. For a spiritually centered life, we need self-awareness. It anchors our life in reality. Not for creating scruples, but for living a creative, deep spiritual life. Self-awareness is a heightened consciousness of the presence, depth and source of the movements (thoughts, […]

Catch the Christian Vision

  The Christian Vision is not about a set of dogmas or about a set of pious practices. It is all about a person named Jesus. The Christian Vision is about: (1) Jesus’ life vision, (2) Jesus’ life mission, (3) how he calls us to complete his mission, and (4) how he has empowered us […]

Obstacle to Community

We should celebrate solidarity with others because we are all members of the Body of Christ. While this is a spiritual reality, we cannot say that we experience it deeply or often. The great obstacle to living this solidarity is the basic flaw in human nature of alienation, the result of what has been called […]

Living Ongoing Incarnation

We are faced with the enormity of living with our new understanding of Christ’s ongoing Incarnation. This is a life vision change of Christ capable of transforming our lives. How do we make it change our lives? First, we need to analyze our intentionality toward Christ. Has any change in our attitude toward Christ occurred? […]

Practice Union with Jesus

Living the spiritual life is a life lived in the Jesus Process. We have defined the Jesus Process as the Risen Christ transforming Jesus’ lived experience on earth into a power source, out of which the Risen Christ gifts us with his Spirit who empowers us to live lives of faith, hope and love. Now […]

Resurrection Mindset

As St.Augustine said, “We are Resurrection People.” So, we must have a Resurrection Mindset. In our articles on the Resurrection, we have looked at spirituality through a Resurrection Mindset, seeing how the historical Jesus is the dynamic catalyst of the Jesus Process leading us to the Risen Jesus and the Spirit’s powers and how we […]

New Spiritual Landscape

Our article, Holy Eros, proposed a whole new spirituality based on our understanding that eros is an intrinsic characteristic of human psychology and healthy spirituality. In doing so, the article was implicitly calling for a whole new spiritual landscape: With a new life vision. With a new mode of encountering God, others and created reality. […]


Our hearts are divided. Our very positive heart wishes—to love, to be loved, to share our experiences and to grow—program us for infinity, for love encounters with God and others. On the other hand, our wounded hearts drive us to self-centeredness, the force that alienates us from God, others and even ourselves. Only a God-centered […]