Horror/Love Image

    Paraphrasing   Francis Thompson’s The Hound of Heaven, I fled the image of the Crucified Jesus “down the nights and down the days…I fled him, down the labyrinthine ways of my own mind…” Always knowing that one day I would have to embrace the Crucified Jesus. Now very late in life, I find myself […]

Everyday Transformation

The significance of Christ’s ongoing Incarnation within us does not stop at peak encounters. It is rooted in Christ’s presence in every part of our lives. The divine presence is in the human. The ordinary has been made extraordinary. Only we don’t realize it! The Greek novelist, Nikos Kazantakis, puts it this way: “Wherever you […]

The Glorious Resurrection

For most Christians, Jesus’ resurrection is an anti-climax. Mistakenly, they believe that the whole mystery of redemption took place on Calvaryand climaxed with Good Friday. Easter simply tells them the fate of Jesus after his great act of love on the cross. Easter victory is reduced to the payment of a debt. This distorted view […]