Do Not Cling

  The greatest love scene in the Gospels between a man and a woman is the most profound revelation of who the historical Jesus is NOW for us and what our relationship is with him.   Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault, author of The Wisdom Jesus, calls the bond between Mary Magdalene and Jesus “love, pure and simple.” […]

Catch the Christian Vision

  The Christian Vision is not about a set of dogmas or about a set of pious practices. It is all about a person named Jesus. The Christian Vision is about: (1) Jesus’ life vision, (2) Jesus’ life mission, (3) how he calls us to complete his mission, and (4) how he has empowered us […]

Prayer & Risen Christ

The people in the Gospel stories had a great advantage over us when it comes to prayer. Jesus was present to them as a person, whom they could see and touch. The Jesus we know through the Scriptures no longer exists. Only the Risen Jesus exists. This leads us to two questions: First, in light […]

Living Ongoing Incarnation

We are faced with the enormity of living with our new understanding of Christ’s ongoing Incarnation. This is a life vision change of Christ capable of transforming our lives. How do we make it change our lives? First, we need to analyze our intentionality toward Christ. Has any change in our attitude toward Christ occurred? […]

Practice Jesus’ Incarnation

Through his Resurrection, the Risen Christ unleashed three major spiritual realities. He transformed the whole life of the historical Jesus into a sacramental power source present here and now. He poured forth the power of his Spirit who acts as our constant guide and mentor. And he incorporated the Body of Christ, continuing his Incarnation […]

Practice Resurrection

Jesus’ resurrection is the pivotal point in God’s plan for us. The Risen Jesus looks back at the life events of the historical Jesus and transforms them into a power source for our spiritual growth here and now. The Risen Jesus looks to the future and pours forth his Spirit to guide and empower us. […]

Practice Union with Jesus

Living the spiritual life is a life lived in the Jesus Process. We have defined the Jesus Process as the Risen Christ transforming Jesus’ lived experience on earth into a power source, out of which the Risen Christ gifts us with his Spirit who empowers us to live lives of faith, hope and love. Now […]

Resurrection-New Creation

Who can stop us from celebrating? Jesus is risen from the dead. The Resurrection is the second “Big Bang” in the universe, the “new creation” of God’s relationship with us. The Resurrection opens us up to spiritualities that are centered on a dynamic relationship with the historical Jesus, on a dynamic relationship with the Risen […]

Resurrection Mindset

As St.Augustine said, “We are Resurrection People.” So, we must have a Resurrection Mindset. In our articles on the Resurrection, we have looked at spirituality through a Resurrection Mindset, seeing how the historical Jesus is the dynamic catalyst of the Jesus Process leading us to the Risen Jesus and the Spirit’s powers and how we […]

Jesus Lives Through Us

     Christian churches have misconstrued the meaning of Jesus’ Resurrection. They have been so fixated on Jesus’ death on Calvary that the significance of Jesus’ glorious resurrection has eluded them. It is not a resurrection of the body. It is a resurrection of a life—Jesus’ earthly life. Further, it is not the resurrection of […]