You can live without God in you life. But without God you will not really live life to its fullest. Holiness is all about becoming more fully human, more fully alive.  >> See posts on Holiness

Jesus Incarnate

No plans to give you a study of Jesus in Scripture. Our goal is to correct the false
impression that Jesus was a solitary figure, the rugged individualist.  >> See posts on Jesus Incarnate

Jesus’ Love Meal

Jesus revolutionized public worship when he instituted a Love Meal to replace the
bloody sacrifice of animals in the Temple at Jerusalem. His goal was to create the
Beloved Community, the ultimate witness of his authenticity.  >> See posts on Jesus’ Love Meal

Personal Growth

Unless we understand the nature of being a human being, we grow only with great
difficulty in the spiritual life. The false impression is that we are only rational

Risen Jesus

The only Jesus whom we have today is the Risen Jesus. But the whole focus of
institutional churches is on the historical Jesus. It is the Resurrection that has
unleashed the wonders of Christianity. >> See posts on Risen Jesus

Spiritual Life

Living a relationship with an Infinite Being, an Infinite Lover at that, is what
the spiritual life is all about. How do we deal with the essential dialectic of being
programmed for a relationship that we are powerless to conduct. >> See posts on Spiritual Life